Otos - Chameleon Welding Helmet
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Advanced Lens Technology with 3 Sensors
Tig Capable, Grind Mode, Magnify Lens Holder

The Chameleon is an ideal helmet for all welding applications and is specifically designed to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Chameleon helmets feature three independent arc sensors that provide continuous arc sensing for demanding applications.
Weld Mode: Features variable shade 9-13 and is TIG operable to 5 amps.
Grind Mode: Light state of shade 4 and gives full face protection during grinding.
The Chameleon is a light weight and comfortable design with full neck coverage and features an ergonomically designed head harness with a durable ratchet style tightener that provides precision vertical adjustment, plus the exclusive rear comfort cushion reduces fatigue and neck strain during long periods of use. Analog controls are conveniently placed below the lens and provide quick internal adjustment of Shade, Lens Sensitivity, Grind Mode and Delay functions. Push buttons provide quick release of the front cover lens holder for quick easy changing of the protective cover lens. The Chameleon comes with built in Magnifying Lens holder and is supplied with an accessory pack of 5 outside and 2 inside cover lenses, helmet protection bag and the exclusive comfort cushion.


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